Bearmojii is a sticker app for iMessage. It is available on the App Store for ios10 or newer. 
Bearmojii Support
Q. How do I download Bearmojii? 
A. You can easily download Bearmojii by visiting the app page in the App Store.
Q. I've downloaded Bearmojii but I don't see the icon, where is it? 
A. Bearmojii won't download on to your home screen. It will download in your App Drawer. A instructional video can be watched on the Official Bearmojii Instagram.
Q. How do I add the app in my App Drawer? 
A. You can add the App in your App Drawer simply by scrolling to the end of your iMessage apps, and clicking More. There you can click Edit in the top right, and toggle Bearmojii on or off. Once it's toggled on, you will see it in your App Drawer. 
Q. Can I download Bearmojii on Android? 
A. Currently we are not offering Bearmojii for Android.
Q. Will there be more updates? 
A. Yes! Bearmojii will constantly be updating and improving.
Q. How can I remove Bearmojii?
A. You can remove Bearmojii by simply going into your App Drawer, scrolling to the end of your iMessage Apps, and clocking More. Find the Bearmojii icon, and swipe all the way to the right until you see Delete. If the app is in your favourites list, you must remove it before it from the list before you can Delete.
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